Did we have you at “free”? Well we’re gonna let you in on a little something…the TFT Crew is now recruiting for 2017, and amongst the awesome rewards that Crew members can earn, a free trip is one of them!

The main goal of TFT Crew members is to introduce TFT into your high school and get your teachers and classmates excited about everything that we do. Time to get everyone just as pumped about travel as you are! 


We’re sending out a checklist this week (and yes, we are checking it twice!) to make sure that you stay on top of your TFT Crew game before summer. Doing everything on the list will not only earn you status as a TFT Crew member, but it also means that you will be given priority when we choose future CITs, not to mention all of the cool TFT swag that you will get as a reward for your hard work.

With the New Year bringing us an amazing new TFT Crew, we are also changing things up on social media so that you can all get more involved in the TFT Community no matter what time of the year it is. Our Facebook page now features weekly fun facts about different countries that we travel to and and we’ll bring in the New Year with fun staff “interviews” so that you can get to know the members of the TFT Family even better.

As always, much love and stay tuned for next month’s frivolously festive themed blogs!