Jacob in Florence

The TFT Traveler of the Month for October is none other than Jacob Steinberg-Otter. Jacob has traveled with TFT through France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Spain. While Jacob has journeyed with us to many destinations, the most important factor in his nomination as our Traveler of the Month is his exemplary attitude and unfailing smile.

The Traveler of the Month is a student who we feel exemplifies the TFT style of traveling – curiosity about the world we live in, an open mind, a ready smile and an eagerness to meet fellow travelers!

Here is what Jacob had to say about his experiences with Travel for Teens:
Jacob in Pisa
The past two summers have been the best times of my life, and I have Travel for Teens to thank. Through my travels, I have gained an immense hunger for knowledge, an unsatisfiable cultural curiosity, a profound desire to immerse myself in unfamiliar cultures in order to gain a better understanding of humanity in general as well as my own, personal humanity. TFT has answered many of my questions, and, fortunately, has left me with more unanswered ones. 

I no longer consider myself simply an American, or a New Yorker, or any other classification of the sort – TFT has helped me realize that I am a citizen of the planet, a single link in the vast chain of our global society. The environment that TFT creates is unlike any other that I have ever experienced. I have traveled with many people from across the world and have gained friendships that I hold dear to my heart. 

When I was walking through the streets of Prague, biking through the pathways of Amsterdam, hiking the trails in the Cinque Terre, or photographing the sunsets in Venice, I did not feel like a tourist in a distant land – I felt like I was at home with all of these new friends, yet I was beholding magnanimous sights that rocked the pillars of my mind. Travel for Teens has transformed me into a wiser, more mature individual who strives to understand humanity; who yearns to see the world and all of its beauty; who aspires to be a contributing member to the worldwide community. 

Thank you Travel for Teens for helping me become the person I am today.”

Thank you Jacob, and congratulations on being our October Traveler of the Month!
-TFT Staff