Bree in Paris

Our May Traveler of the Month is Bree Konecke! Bree traveled with us to Amsterdam, Belgium and Paris in 2011, and will be back in 2012 on Discover Europe and Eastern Europe! Congratulations Bree, we are looking forward to traveling with you again this summer!

When I first told people that I would be going to Europe with a group of people I never met before they thought I was crazy. I admit it is an intimidating situation when you are on your way to an airport to fly halfway across the world with a group of strangers, but by the time I arrived at the hotel in Amsterdam I felt like I had known my group for my entire life, and they became my family for two weeks. It is an amazing opportunity to explore a foreign continent with people who share the same enthusiasm for traveling as you do. From the Vincent Van Gogh museum to the Eiffel Tower, I was able to experience three different cultures in a distance smaller than my own home state.

I will never be able to thank Travel for Teens enough for the remarkable, eye-opening opportunity they have given me. My counselors did everything they could to ensure that my trip was everything I could ever hope for, and more. It was without a doubt the best time of my life, and certainly one I will never forget. The life changing adventure that TFT offers is one that every teenager should experience. I am looking forward to spending another incredible summer with TFT this year.

-Bree Konecke

At the Louvre in Paris