Grab your sunglasses, camera, and an eager mind to learn about all things ancient, because this week we’re heading to Greece!

1. Taste a Greek Gyro (Yum!)

This may or may not have already been mentioned in our foodie blog, but it is definitely worth mentioning again! Absolutely nothing beats eating an authentic Greek gyro when in Greece. They are the perfect food for on the go and please please please…don’t forget the fries!


2. Hit the Monastiraki Flea Market (Deal!)

When in Athens, make sure to head to this awesome flea market at Avissynias Square for a jumble of random buys, from books to paintings and clothes to trinkets. This flea market in the old town of Athens is one of the principal shopping districts of the city and trust us, you won’t be able to find better bargains anywhere else!


3. Meet the Poet Sandal Maker (Comfy!)

No trip to the Monastiraki Flea Market area is complete without stopping by the shop of the Poet Sandal Maker of Athens. This super talented guy makes custom-made leather sandals that fit perfectly to each individual’s feet. He has even made sandals for celebrities, so you know they must be amazing!


4. Dance Like a Local (Opa!)

Bust out your dancing sandals and learn how to dance like a real Greek! The best way to learn is from a cheerful Greek Yia Yia at her family owned restaurant. Plate throwing compulsory!


5. Climb the Acropolis (Duh!)

Take a step back in time to almost 4,000 years ago when Western civilization was born and new ideas about philosophy, government, and democracy thrived. Ascend through the olive groves of the lower slopes to reach the marble crown, before passing through the Propylaea gateway. Once through the ancient gateway of the Acropolis, you will see the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and the Parthenon, one of the most spectacular ancient ruins in the world. Standing atop the magnificent Acropolis is an absolute must for any admirer of Classical Studies and all things Greek!


6. Windsurf Like a Boss (Thrilling!)

Just when you thought that surfing couldn’t get any better! Give windsurfing a try in the crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. This amazing activity will give you new and incredible views of the Ionian Islands that will leave your friends and family back home beyond jealous!


7. Discover the Secrets of Paros (Beautiful!)

Go off the beaten path and venture to this hidden gem amongst the Greek Islands. Traveling like a local, you can take the ferry from Athens to this magnificent island where tourists and crowds are far and few between. The beaches are some of the most beautiful that you will ever encounter and you can delve back in time and learn about how the island sided with the Persians against the Greeks in ancient times. This island steeped in history also has loads of fun activities on offer, such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, and, you guessed it, windsurfing! You can also hike the historical Byzantine Road and take in the amazing views of the Cycladic Island landscape while passing through postcard-perfect, white-washed villages. The vibrant sunsets of Paros are also not to be missed!


8. Lend a Helping Hand (Amazing!)

We really can’t say it enough – nothing beats adding service work into your travels, especially when it’s on the Greek island paradise of Corfu! Projects can vary based on need, so you might find yourself teaching English and playing games with children at an orphanage, working at a food bank, or even helping out with the animals on a farm. Ensuring that the children and their community is well taken care of is an enriching experience that will leave you and those that you helped forever changed for the better.


9. Explore the Ancient Delphi (Magical!)

This mystical and mysterious archeological site was home to the Oracle who initiated the story of Oedipus and is also one of the sites to host the original Olympic crown games over 2,600 years ago! You will no doubt leave this amazing place feeling curious and a little bit more enlightened than when you arrived.


10. Experience a Greek Sunset (Stunning!)

There are few sights more breathtaking than a sunset over basically anywhere in Greece. Whether you are watching the sun set over the city of Athens from atop the Acropolis or you are gazing down on the blue tops of the houses of Santorini and out into the sea, there is truly nothing more spectacular than a Greek sunset in the summer.