Is it safe for your teen to travel during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Here is a list of questions parents should ask when deciding to send their kids on a trip.

What are your safety precautions during a trip?

All of our programs will embrace the concept of traveling in a pod — a group of Covid-tested travelers who stay together using social distancing in the presence of outsiders and with zero to minimal interactions outside the pod. We have always prided ourselves on our small group sizes and will continue to operate programs in small groups which will ensure our pods are secure and easily able to travel together.

We will be incorporating enhanced cleaning measures, temperature checks, and the use of masks as well as safety protocols both before and during the program. There will be an extra emphasis on health and safety incorporated at our staff training and Covid-19 training included throughout.

For more specific information please contact us and we will send you a document with our detailed safety measures.

What are the forecasts for your spring/summer trips?

We had a very successful summer season in 2021 and anticipate another safe and successful summer in 2022. We are prepared to adapt itineraries as needed and feel confident we will continue to be able to provide transformative travel experiences.

How do I get updates about trip cancellations?

In the event we need to cancel a program we will personally reach out to families who are affected immediately and update our website accordingly.

How do I know what is happening on the ground in a country I am interested in my teen traveling to?

Our team is up to date on current events and well versed in the countries we operate in. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss and we are happy to talk you through the specifics! You can also reference our regularly updated “Covid travel guidelines” page, to see which countries have opened their borders to US citizens.

Is Covid-19 spreading where you are going? How do I find out?

Please feel free to contact us for information regarding the countries we travel to. Our team is up to date on the current global climate. You can also reference our “Covid travel guidelines” page to see which countries currently have their borders open to US citizens.

Do you have any testing requirements before traveling?

We require that all participants test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours of departure. We ask that after testing negative participants quarantine prior to departure.

We are happy to provide all interested families a document with our detailed safety measures. To request one, please contact us.

Do you have any vaccine requirements for your trips?

Unvaccinated travelers are welcome to join our domestic programs in the US, however, they are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated.

Due to the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of foreign entry requirements and in-country restrictions for unvaccinated travelers, Travel For Teens cannot accommodate unvaccinated participants on all international programs at this time.