Once the paperwork is done, the passports renewed, and the flights are booked it may seem like you are waiting years in anticipation of your summer adventure with TFT! While you have some spare time to think about preparing for departure, here are some tips to help make your trip go as smoothly as possible:



  1. Review your flight information to be certain of departure dates and times
  2. Make sure you have your TFT tshirt (and it fits!) to wear to the airport on departure day
  3. Go over the itinerary so you have a general idea of what to pack (get this on MyTFT)
  4. Organize any trip essentials like medications that you cannot travel without


  1. Check out our packing list on MyTFT to see what you need for your specific trip
  2. Follow TFT on instagram (@TravelForTeens) to see what’s happening on our other trips around the world and get excited to #goTFT!
  3. Figure out how you will be getting money abroad and make sure your bank is aware that you will be traveling
  4. Brush up on your foreign language skills, it’s always helpful (and fun) Flightto know how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you in
    the local language!


  1. Grab a good book or make a playlist for the plane.
  2. Wear your TFT tshirt so that our airport coordinators can find you when you arrive.
  3. Leave early enough to arrive at the airport 3 HOURS before the flight time.
  4. Don’t forget your passport!!!!!!!!


The preparation and anticipation for a trip abroad is half the fun! To be totally ready, TFT suggests doing some light reading on the places you will be traveling to in order to get a better idea about what to expect.


Happy Packing!