Will we be able to travel in 2022?

Yes! After pressing “pause” on the travel button, we are ready to embrace travel again in 2022. All signs point towards travel for summer 2022. We had an extremely safe and successful summer of travel in 2021 and an unforgettable Iceland winter break adventure. We are ready for more exciting adventures in 2022! Between vaccinations and the reopening of borders, we can’t wait to get moving. Youth especially, now more than ever, need the opportunity to grow from shared experiences that happen in person, not through a screen. The Travel For Teens headquarters is ready to go and preparing for a summer of inspiring youth and providing transformative travel experiences.

Will we be able to travel this summer?

First, before you plan any travels double-check what countries are open to Americans and what their tourism, safety, and travel policies are. You can find the entry requirements of each Travel For Teens destination here! If you’re traveling with a provider make sure they are up to date with their own safety measures and precautions. For 2022 we are offering a wide variety of programs, including plenty of domestic options! We’ve increased our safety measures to include temperature checks, the use of masks and so much more! You can find more about how we are ensuring safe and meaningful travel here or contact us to request a detailed document with our updated safety measures.

Will it be safe to travel again?

When traveling with Travel For Teens all group sizes are small in order to give you a personalized, unique & safe experience. Your child’s safety is always our number one priority. For 2022 we are continuing to embrace the concept of traveling in a pod — a group of COVID-safe travelers who stay together using social distancing in the presence of outsiders and with zero to minimal interactions outside the pod. Many of our programs incorporate extended time outdoors where social distancing is easier. Read more about our safety precautions here. If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Places to travel during COVID-19

There are a growing number of places welcoming US travelers right now! We also have a wide variety of domestic programs with exciting outdoor itineraries that easily allow for social distancing to ensure your child’s health and safety. We’ve put together a helpful list of countries that US travelers are currently allowed to visit along with our program offerings in those locations. This list is regularly updated. Volunteer with wildlife in Alaska, Hike the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, or enjoy a summer by the sea in Maine!

Will it be safe to travel in 2022?

A number of countries are already opening up to American tourists and we remain confident this Is just the beginning. We have heard from numerous families who are ready and excited to press the “resume” button on travel and so are we! As always we will keep our families up to date with the most recent openings and CDC guidelines. To stay up to date on the most current program offerings and travel information, sign up here!