Trip Director Nic Emery returned from a trip to Thailand a few days ago, and the next series of blog posts will cover the fascinating locations in that beautiful country where TFT will go to this summer.
Chiang Mai, Thailand – In the north of Thailand, in the misty green hills not far from Laos, sits the hip university town of Chiang Mai. We visit Chiang Mai both on our Thailand and our Thailand Photography & Service trips. It’s a laid back town where you’ll be able to relax while learning tons about Thai culture. You’ll have the chance to participate in an in-depth Thai cooking lesson, learn the basics of Muay Thai boxing, and create your own paper lantern, which you will then set free into the night sky. Chiang Mai is also full of magnificent Buddhist temples – Doi Suthep, located on a mountainside that overlooks the city, is one of the most sacred places of worship in the country. Here we’ll have the chance to learn about Buddhism and appreciate completely new cultural and spiritual traditions.
Chiang Mai is also famous for its night bazaar, a vestige of its legendary past as a way station for Chinese merchants traveling the nearby Silk Road. At the night markets in Chiang Mai you will find everything you ever dreamed of and more… from incredible bags and purses to silk scarves, various figurines, amulets, street food, and the coolest t-shirts you’ve ever laid eyes on, you could spend days wandering through the market stalls and ogling the merchandise. And of course, when you want to buy something you’ll have to perfect your bargaining skills as you are fully expected to haggle! On our Thailand Photography & Service trip we will also devote time to an organization who works with Burmese refugees in Chiang Mai. You’ll find that this may well be the best part of the whole trip, as you forge real connections with these strong people, learn their stories, and share some smiles. Come with us to Thailand this summer and you are assured of making memories to last a lifetime…
Check back soon to read about Pai, another amazing destination in the north of Thailand for travelers in the know!