Hometown: Fairfield, CT

What do you do with TFT when you’re not leading trips?
When I am not leading trips I work on the TFT sales and marketing team, visiting families and schools, and recently took over our Instagram! #FollowUs =)

What sparked your love of travel?

Growing up I was always running around in the forest and river by our home, trying to explore anything and everything as far as I could, so I feel like it was in my blood to see the world, get outdoors, and feed my curiosity! I don’t know what our parents put in our cereal, but my sisters are the same way; one lives in Costa Rica right now and the other is currently between India and Nepal! I used to model and cheerlead in NYC full time, where I really got my first taste of frequently traveling around – a good number of my jobs took me all over the US and internationally where I really began to see the world. I caught the bug and have continued to travel ever since!

Your spirit animal:
An elephant or wolf!

Is there something you absolutely love doing that is a bit touristy in each city that you visit?


When I solo/personal travel, I usually will leave a major city to go find the highest mountains, canyons, waterfalls, or the most gorgeous landscapes to explore… but never leave without taking a ton of photos/selfies like a typical tourist.

Best local mode of transport you’ve taken:

I love getting around by bike! But a good subway/train transit system and your feet always takes the cake!

What is the most adventurous thing that you’ve ever done while traveling?

I’ve been told that I am one to turn everything I do into an adventure! Some notable adventures:
Skydiving, island hopping/camping around the Philippines by boat for five days with no itinerary with 15 strangers from around the world…during typhoon season, trekking the Grand Canyon rim to rim, the descent into Mooney Falls on Halloween in a banana suit, and swimming with eight thousand sea lions off the coast of Peru.

Which destinations are next on your travel to-do list?

To name a few on the never ending list: Patagonia, any and all US National Parks, British Columbia, Africa, and Antarctica!

Country with the nicest/friendliest/warmest people from your experience?


In my experiences, I felt most welcomed the time I spent a month solo road tripping around Australia as well as during my summer there with TFT. I made so many wonderful lifelong friends who took me in as their own and showed me how magical Australia could be!

Name one thing you wish you knew about traveling abroad before you went on your first trip:

That I should have started traveling sooner…as a teenager! 😉 #goTFT

Do you ever hit the snooze button on your alarm when you are traveling?

No way!