Steve Williams embodies the spirit of the quintessential Travel for Teens counselor – great to be around, responsible, well traveled, and a fantastic photographer. Most of us at TFT love photography, a hobby and skill that goes hand in hand with what we do every day on the job. Anyone who has been on a TFT trip knows that our staff always have a camera in their hand, ready for that perfect shot. We share these photos daily on the web with the parents of all the students on our trips, giving them a unique window into our daily adventures.

Steve’s creative and sensitive approach to photography allows him to capture some memorable images, such as these. Look for Steve this summer on our Australia & New Zealand trip!

Steve Williams: “I don’t have a favourite subject to photograph on TFT trips, just generally what looks good.

Fun in the Cinque Terre. Photo: Steve Williams

I like the first photo because I find it funny and it was fun to shoot.  The kids on the Cinque Terre trip that I was on were super fun, easy to get along with, and shared a similar sense of humor.  So we just took an unexpected sign and had a laugh with it.

The second photo was taken at the Hagia Sophia on the day excursion to Istanbul whilst on the Greece trip.  I like the lighting on the subject, I like the foreground being out of focus and I like the textures in the shot.  Being a candid shot, to me it provides a little bit more truth about the place.  And, there aren’t any distractions in the shot – although the Hagia Sophia was crawling with tourists, this is just a quiet segment of what the place is about.”

Taken at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Photo: Steve Williams