At Travel for Teens we clearly believe teen travel is important. No matter what type of trip or adventure you choose to go on we encourage you to travel and see the world! However, there is one type of trip we hold very close to our hearts: service trips.

Doing a service trip is a great way to not only immerse yourself in the local culture, but give back to the community all at the same time! Service trips are beneficial for everyone involved. Its a great way to give you a new perspective on the country you are visiting and helping others is also a wonderful way to learn more about yourself! We think its impossible to do a service trip and not experience personal growth in the process.

If you haven’t considered a service trip before, now is a great time to think about it! There are so many different opportunities for service all over the world. Service trips are also a unique way to explore your passions. If you love animals you may want to think about spending the summer nurturing  animals at an animal rescue center in Costa Rica or taking care of elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand. If you enjoy spending time with children you may want to consider helping out at an orphanage in Greece or working with local school children in Fiji. There are endless opportunities to explore!

Whatever you decide to do this summer we encourage you to consider doing a service trip at some point in your life. Its truly an eye opening experience!

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