This week we are celebrating traveling for friendship. Every summer, people from different backgrounds come on TFT trips as strangers and leave at the end of the trip as life long friends. The same is true for both our staff and participants, and its one of the many reasons spending your summer abroad with a new group of people can be so unique and special!

The bond you form with the friends you meet while traveling is deepened by your shared travel experiences. No one else is going to understand how scared you were that first time you went zip lining in Costa Rica or how amazing the views were while you hiked the Swiss Alps. When you share life changing experiences like this with new people its easy to form lasting friendships.

The same is true whenever you travel with someone who is already a good friend. Sharing a travel experience is a guaranteed way to strengthen your friendship and even give it an entirely new dimension.

So whether you plan on traveling solo or with your best friend from back home, get excited to meet some new people and form some new friendships on your next trip.

We travel for friendship because the best souvenir you can bring home from your travels is a new friend. What do you travel for?

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