Last week we celebrated traveling for adventure. This week, we want to celebrate traveling for Culture!

We believe there is no better way to understand a new place than to explore and learn about the language, customs, art, music, cuisine and everything else that makes each place so special and unique! No trip to Italy would be complete without sampling some of their famous pizza and pasta. Chatting with Buddhist monks in Thailand gave us a new perspective on their country’s main religion. We loved watching the beauty and grace of the Flamenco dancers in Spain. We learned the ancient art of Kung Fu from Shaolin Monks in China. Visiting the Berlin wall in Germany gave us a glimpse into the country’s past. Having a fondue night in Switzerland is a must, and no visit to Costa Rica would be complete without learning the true meaning of Pura Vida!
At Travel for Teens, we travel for culture, because its the best way to fully experience and discover each unique place.
What do you travel for?
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