If you have been following us on Instagram you know that every week we have been featuring a staff member and what they travel for. In the upcoming weeks we want to take it a step further and celebrate these reasons all week long! This week, we want to celebrate traveling for adventure.

At Travel for Teens we are lucky to constantly be experiencing new adventures around the world. We love the breath taking views while hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy.  We know there is nothing like flying through the jungle while zip lining in Costa Rica. Canyoning in Switzerland is one of our favorite adrenaline pumping activities complete with sliding down waterfalls and climbing along rock walls. Our first time flying a falcon on castle grounds in Ireland was a truly unique experience where we felt like we stepped back in time. In Thailand we rode elephants through lush jungle and admired their perfect balance of strength and grace. Scuba Diving in Fiji had us marveling at the diverse and colorful underwater life, and we couldn’t imagine a trip to South Africa being complete without going on Safari.
At Travel for Teens, we travel for adventure, because whats travel without some thrills and excitement?
What do you travel for?