Happy Holidays Blog Followers! Whatever your faith may be, this time of year is when people tend to gather together and give thanks for the people in their lives. I personally feel extremely fortunate to be able to work with the amazing people at Travel for Teens, and we all at TFT would like to give thanks to you, the readers and participants of TFT that make our jobs not just possible, but fun!

Every year at Travel for Teens we have a Christmas party at Pat Maloney’s house (the president of TFT) to celebrate a successful years end and to eat some delicious food together! Every year we have a theme, last year it was the usual ‘ugly sweater party’, but this year we went outside the box with the theme ‘clashing!’ Check out the photo below closely to see who wore it worst (my vote is for the plaid-tight clad, Tina-Turner hair styled Natalia von Sonn who is front and center)!
Now that the party is over, the TFT staffers are dispersing to the different corners of the world from which they come to enjoy some time with their families and loved ones. We here at TFT wish you the happiest of holidays, and the merriest of new years!