Fjodor Islamaj is one of the very small number of talented people who Travel for Teens hires from a huge applicant pool each year. This will be his first summer as a Senior Counselor with Travel for Teens, and we can’t wait to travel the world with him. When he’s not teaching teens about the wonders of international travel, he’s teaching them physics and coaching soccer in Worcester, MA. Here he is folks!

Fjodor (Fjodi) Islamaj

Tirana, Albania

Current Town
Worcester, MA

Languages you speak
Italian, French, Albanian, and conversational Spanish

TFT trips that you’ve been on
No TFT trips YET

Countries you’ve been to
(13) Italy, Albania, Macedonia, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico

College major

Favorite travel book, magazine, or film?
“The Island”, “Eurotrip”, “Silk”

What is your current job outside of TFT?
High school physics teacher

Besides the essentials, list 3 things you refuse to travel without


Notebook/Self made dictionary with common expressions, a piece of paper with important/relevant phone numbers

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?


Palamos, Spain

What’s the most beautiful place on Earth?


This question is too hard

If you could live in one country (besides your current residence) where would it be and why?


Spain. Love the weather and the culture. I would be able to watch the Barcelona FC games en vivo. 

What’s the strangest food you have eaten?


Fried rooster testicles

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?


Selling Cutco Knives

Do you play a musical instrument?


I love playing the african drums although I am sure it probably sounds a lot better to me than it does to other people.

What kind of camera do you bring with you when you travel?


Canon Powershot SD780

Have you ever backpacked through Europe, and where did you go?


Yes, Lisbon (Portugal), Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza (Spain), Rome (Italy)

What’s your favorite landmark and why?


La boca del Diablo, Cascais, Portugal – A series of straight edge cliffs believed to be evidence that the continent of Europe has broken away from a once-upon-a-time larger land mass

What’s your favorite beach and why?


Formentera, Spain. The lightest and clearest water I ever swam in.

What are your hobbies?


Sports (especially soccer), Traveling, Languages, Spreading the love of physics

What sports do you play?


Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Snowboarding

What do you love most about working for Travel for Teens?


The standard 9-5 schedule

What are the top 10 places you want to visit?


Bora Bora, The Filipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, The Azul Islands, Egypt, Dubai, Nepal, China, Czech Republic
Thanks Fjodi … See you soon at Staff Training Weekend!!!