TFT summer is in full swing! Check out where we are this week.



A cruise through the Milford Sound (left) and hiking in the Australian outback (right) on Australia and New Zealand Community Service.


Some of our campers at the Hagia Sofia on our day trip excursion to Istanbul (right) and the famous Corinthian canal, which separates the Peloponnese from mainland Greece (right) on Greece: Athens and the Islands.


Group selfie at the castle of Nafplion (left) and an epic reflection of the Parthenon in Trip Director Nic Emery’s sunglasses (right) on Greece: Athens and the Islands.


In China, we departed Xi’An for a day touring the Terracotta Warriors- a vast collection of warrior sculptures dating from the 3rd century BC which is now an unbelievable archeological site on China Discovery.


Now onto our second city on Berlin, Paris, London and a TFT trip to Paris just isn’t complete without an eiffel tower jumping pic!