One of the most important aspects of travel for anyone of any age is a greater sense of independence, both on the road and once you return back home. This is true for all travellers, but it is still common for to ask what the best age to start traveling really is. While there is no exact age that is deemed the best to start traveling, middle school aged students really do show the biggest change in their level of independence when they return from time traveling with a younger teens program.

When younger teens join a travel program, they find themselves in a situation that is very much outside of their comfort but also with the help of counsellors to help guide them through this experience. With the support of counsellors who have ample experience working with this age group, teens are able to work through challenges presented to them throughout their travels, such as making friends and decisions regarding what they would like to do with their time.

It is very common for teens to join programs on their own, so the ability to make friends through these shared experiences is amazing practice for them going into high school as well as university and even the work force. It also teaches them the importance of camaraderie and working together to problem solve, even if it is something as small as reading a map or figuring out where the nearest ATM is.

Travel programs also give younger teens the ability understand their options and decide that they want to do. It is perfectly normal for people of any age to look around and see what their peers are doing before making a decision, so developing the sense of independence that it takes to make decisions for yourself regardless of what other people are doing is a huge step for younger teens as they mature. No matter where a younger teen decides to go for their travels and what they want to do, they will certainly return home as more independent individuals with a new and bigger outlook on the world around them. Not to mention they will also have the confidence to handle whatever it may throw their way no matter where in the world they are!