Italian gelateria seen on summer teen travel photography program

One of my favorite parts of our Sicily Community Service trip is the food. Everyone knows that Italian food is great, and I put a lot of personal care into selecting only the best trattorias and restaurants on all of our Italy trips. Yet there is something special about the food that we eat in Sicily.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that we prepare our meals with our own hands using fresh, local ingredients. This is the foundation of any great meal, and our Sicilian estate is surrounded by fruit trees, a vegetable garden, olive groves, wild mint, and vineyards.

So if you’re into community service, food, and getting to know the nicest family I’ve ever met… sign up for one of our three sessions of Sicily Community Service right here!

We make bread…

Teenage travelers learn how to make authentic Italian food in Sicily during summer youth travel program in Italy




Teenage travelers make pesto during cooking class in Italy on summer youth travel program

Using ingredients like these:

Fresh Italian tomatoes photographed by teenagers on summer teen travel photography program

If you love Italian food, Sicily is paradise. We work pretty hard doing community service in Sicily, and it feels so good to sit down at lunch and dinner to huge, nutritious meals that we put together ourselves. The fertile volcanic soil is perfect for growing huge zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, and so much more.

The open-air market in nearby Catania is one of the highlights of the trip. This place is crazy – the fishermen, back from their night of fishing, hawk their fresh catches all morning and love posing for photos. The fruttivendoli (fruit and vegetable stands) are loaded with the most incredible fresh produce, which also makes for some great photos.

And of course, the fresh fruits and vegetables are to die for.