Happy end of November, Blog followers! If you were to summarize Travel For Teens’s November in one word it would be BUSY!!! As I mentioned in the last entry, we set up a booth at the ACTFL conference in Philadelphia. The booth gave us the great opportunity of meeting tons of teachers who want to introduce their students to travel and the world. The TFT core staff was hard at work all day talking to people, giving teachers free posters, then got our fancy on and had a meet and greet in the Philadelphia Convention Center to get a chance to speak more in detail with some of the people who were most interested in our trips. (If you’re a teacher and looking for some free posters for your classroom, they’re available here!) But the days of preparation, furious poster-rolling, long hours of standing, and talking our voices hoarse were completely worth it to get to meet the amazing teachers and schools that we did.
After ACTFL, the TFT office had a little break to give thanks with our families, before heading back to work to begin preparing for the beginning of the Summer Camp Fair season! The beginning of Camp Fair season has all the Travel For Teens road warriors (the members of TFT who travel to hundreds of schools to talk to kids about our summer programs) on planes, trains, and in the Travel for Teens Mobile to get to schools across the world and share our summer travel opportunities with at as many people as possible! (This week look out for TFT Staff at the Riverdale Country School in New York City.) If you’re interested in meeting some of our road warriors, or learning more about TFT at one of these camp fairs, be sure to check the blog regularly for updates about where you can “Spot the Road Warrior” at a school near you! Also, if you’re still considering Travel for Teens but you’re not quite sure, remember that you can call our office to schedule a home visit with us! If we have a road warrior in the area, we will set up a time to come to your house and talk with you about what trip will be best for you.
Lastly, I would like to send my belated Thanksgiving wishes out to all the TFT blog followers, TFT participants (past, present, and future), and their families. Though Thanksgiving was last week, and I’m bit late with my turkey-day wishes, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to express the gratitude we at Travel for Teens feel towards all of you for providing us the opportunity to work at a job that combines our passions of travel and education, and the privilege to do so with such interesting, inspiring young people summer after summer. So from everyone at Travel for Teens, a belated (but heartfelt) thank you, and happy November!