Happy November, Blog followers! As the winds blow colder, our jackets get thicker, and the leaves fall from the trees, I can’t help but dream of getting on a plane and flying across the world to a warm place. Somewhere with beaches, delicious food, and la bella vita… Today, I’m dreaming of Italy.

Between the shopping streets of Rome, Florence, and Venice, the thousands of years of history and art visible on almost every corner, the seemingly endless stream delicious food, and the gorgeous beaches and hillside towns, it is hard to find a person who doesn’t dream of Italy. Photographers, voyagers, food, art, and history lovers, those who want adventure and those who want relaxation all flock to Italy to chase their passions.

If you dream of experiencing as much of Italy as possible, check out TFT’s Italy Explorer program! On this program, you’ll adventure to three of the most influential cities in Italy, spend time in the Tuscan countryside, and get a chance to eat quintessentially Italian foods from their place of origin. If fashion interests you, this trip gives you time to shop the high-fashion streets of Rome, Venice, and Florence, as well as checking out the famous leather markets! If your heart follows food, you’ll have an opportunity to eat tons of amazing panini, pasta, pizza, and (let’s not forget) GELATO from across Italy! Tour the Colosseum, hike sea-side trails, and learn about the history and culture of Italy all while journeying through one of the most picturesque countries in the world!

If your artistic sensibilities are what draw you to Italy, be sure to check out our Italy Travel Photography Workshop! Work on the basics in photography, develop your portfolio, and let Italy inspire your creative vision with our photography workshop. On these trips, you’ll experiment with night photography, landscapes, portraiture, and much more all with picture-perfect Italy as your background!

If you dream of Italy but want to spend your time in the sun helping others, check out TFT’s Italy Service & Adventure or Sicily Community Service trips! A UNESCO World Heritage site (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), Cinque Terre (literally meaning “five lands”) is a collection of fishing villages born before time was recorded. On this trip, you’ll spend your first few days hiking and maintaining different parts of a gorgeous 7-mile path that connects the five villages together. After your work is done for the day, you’ll spend your evenings relaxing on the beach. This region is the birthplace of pesto, and located on the Mediterranean so it has fresh seafood plucked from the Mediterranean, food lovers will be in heaven! After you’ve done your community service, you spend the next few days traveling down the coast to check out Rome, Sorrento, and Capri!

On Sicily, the island south of mainland Italy, you’ll work with an Italian family to help them build a shelter for those in need. Sicily is very different from mainland Italy, having been ruled by over nine different empires, including Arabic, Spanish, and Roman, to name a few. Your love for Sicily will sneak up on you unexpectedly… The rugged beauty of Sicily, combined with the kindness and passion for helping others of the family we stay with makes this trip the kind of experience that deeply changes you, and connects you with your fellow voyagers.

And if Italy is just one of the many places you dream of, check out our combo trips: Italy, Spain & FranceGreece and Italy, Europe for Older Teens: Florence, Cinque Terre, Switzerland & Paris, and Alpine Adventure!