–> All this week the TFT office worker-bees have been hard at work getting ready to participate in the 2012 ACTFL (American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages) Convention and Expo! Every year we try to go to ACTFL to support the foreign language teaching community and to share our programs with teachers who want to inspire their kids outside the classroom. Those who follow this blog or are familiar with Travel for Teens know that our summer program follows our motto ‘teaching teens to be travelers, not tourists,’ but what you may not know is that we also do this by creating trips for school groups! If you’re a teacher and dream of bringing your lessons to life in another country, you should definitely check out TFT’s school trips.

A Travel for Teens school trip is unique in that we bring the foundations of our summer trips (dedication to culture, education, and fun) to a trip that we design with you for your school or curriculum. Basically, if you can dream it, we can plan it! On a TFT school trip teachers travel for free, and your group will not be combined with other school groups. Travel for Teens will build a website dedicated to your school trip, create flyers to help you promote the trip at your school, and visit your school to host an informational evening for parents and students.

If you’re a student interested in getting a trip organized at your school, click here get started – and if you can get 14 students to sign up you’ll travel for free!

At Travel for Teens we know that the best way to bring history and other cultures to life is by jumping right in! So teachers, bring your students to stand at the gates of Versailles where the impoverished and outraged French revolutionaries screamed for Marie Antoinette’s head! Take the zig-zagging road into the Greek mountains to Delphi to see the chambers where the oracles of ancient Greece would predict the future, practice your French or Spanish language skills by speaking to locals! Mount the ancient, worn steps of the Coliseum and behold the space where the fierce gladiators faced each other in battles to the death, or feel the primordial power of the drums in the Fijian Kava ceremony…
A few of the amazing schools that have worked with us to create their dream adventure include Cary High School in North Carolina who traveled with us to France, Watertown High School in Massachusetts, who traveled with us to Australia, George Washington High School from Chicago who traveled with us to the UK, Italy, and Spain, and Saint Basil’s Academy from Jenkintown, PA who have traveled with us to Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Poland/Prague, Ireland, and the UK!
So if you’re a teacher heading to ACTFL, be sure to stop by the Travel for Teens booth to see how we can help you and your students plan your dream trip! And if you’re not at ACTFL this weekend but you want to explore the world with your students, contact our office and see how we can make it all happen for you!