Welcome back TFT Blog followers!

Everyone here at TFT was sad to see the 2012 summer come to an end; it was truly an amazing season! Aside from the fantastic things we saw with our trip itineraries, there were tons of unplanned, exciting little things that happen on our trips because either our campers discovered something, the spontaneity of travel, or the circumstances permitted it! On Bastille Day (July 14th) our French Language trip stood at the foot of the sparkling Eiffel Tower and watched as hundreds of multi-colored fireworks exploding all around them.

Our London and Paris trip had the amazing experience of being in London right before the Olympics kicked off! They got to see the Olympic rings hanging from the London Bridge, some of the students saw the American gymnastic team on their flight over, and the entire trip was interviewed on the Today Show on NBC! Also, on a spontaneous outing, they went to see the Harry Potter studios!

On our Thailand Service and Adventure trip the kids adopted an extremely cute piglet in Chiang Mai to give (as a pet) to a local organic farmer! Her name is Josie, and the trip director Damien has received several email updates about how Josie is adapting to her new home!

The soccer Euro Cup this year saw Spain and Italy fighting it out to see who would come out fùtbol champs of the world! And where was TFT during all of this? SUPPORTING BOTH SIDES!! Our Italy Photography and Discover Europe trips were in Florence at the time, and decided to support Italy by attending a public showing of the game on an outdoor screen at the bank of the Arno River! Meanwhile, across the Mediterranean the Madrid, Mallorca, & Barcelona trip was doing the same thing!

On our Florence and Venice Photography trip our campers ended up stumbling upon a fantastic floating book shop perched at the edge of a canal. The bookstore came complete with a charming old owner, about 12 cats, and a staircase made entirely out of old books.

Now, after this fantastic TFT summer, the staff is back in the office hard at work planning summer 2013! At the beginning of September, all the full time TFT staff got together for what we like to call “think-tank;” a week long all-intensive meeting to talk about how the summer went and start coming up with brand new trips for next summer! (To find out what new trips are planned for 2013, be sure to check our blog and websiteregularly! We will be releasing them soon)! Now the team is working on putting the 2013 brochure together and some of our Road Warriors have even started hitting the Camp Fair circuit! If you’re school’s having a Camp or Summer Opportunities Fair, be sure to watch out for some of your favorite TFT summer counselors!