We recently heard from Allison Flom, who came on our Italy Photography trip in 2010, and we had to share her amazing story. Here she is in her own words describing how her Travel for Teens trip sparked her interest in photography, and the exciting things that are happening for her now:

Burano’s colorful houses (Photo: Allison Flom)

Hi! My name is Allison and I’m a senior in high school in New York City. In 2010, I went on the Travel for Teens Italy Photography trip. I signed up because I wanted to make friends, eat pasta, and have a different experience. But the trip was so much more unique and special than I could have possibly imagined. When I got there, I literally didn’t know where the ON button was on my camera. But in nine days, I learned everything from the composition of a good photograph, to how to use the features on my camera, to how to learn and grow with a group of fun and diverse people. If I would have learned photography anywhere else, I might not have cared as much; but TFT brought us to the most breathtaking and interesting places, and everyone came back with photos that looked professional.

         I continued taking photographs throughout my junior year, and I decided to post them on a blog. A gallery owner in Texas came across my website and contacted me, asking me to do an art show at his gallery. Three months later, I traveled to Texas to make a speech at the opening night of my 2-month long photography exhibition. People were buying my prints, and asking me questions about photography, and asking where I got all this passion and inspiration. TFT is the simplest and only answer to all of those questions.

         Because of my TFT trip, I have new friends from all over the world. I know how wine is made. I know what my favorite gelato shop in Florence is called. I know how to write words in glow sticks and capture them in one shot. And I know so much more about being an international citizen, traveler, friend, photographer, and student just from my nine-day adventure with Travel for Teens.

Some of my photos can be seen here: http://urbanseason.wordpress.com/more-photos/

– Allison Flom

Thanks Allison! We here at TFT wish you the best with your continued work and we look forward to more updates on upcoming exhibitions!

Nic Emery
Italy Trip Director

Florence’s Duomo (Photo: Allison Flom)


Venice (Photo: Allison Flom)