Anyone who has been on a Travel for Teens trip knows that we take LOTS of photos. Our cameras are out when we’re eating breakfast, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, watching fireworks in Venice, riding elephants in Thailand, or going diving in Fiji.

These photos are essential for TFT HQ when it comes to putting together our annual brochure, keeping our website current, and showing potential participants and their families what our trips are really like day to day. Out of all the photos we take on any given trip, some of them are great, some are funny, and many are delete-worthy. Any good photographer will tell you that out of 100 shots, only about 5 will end up being keepers.

So where I am going with all this? Well … One of my jobs this Spring is organizing our TFT photo archives going back to 2003. That means going through a grand total of 226,787 photos. Eeeeek (see photo at left). These photos were taken everywhere from Hungary to New Zealand, so it promises to be an interesting task, and I’ll keep the TFT Travel Blog updated with some of the gems I will inevitably find.

And if you’re into photography, be sure to check out our Italy Photography, Southern Africa Photo Safari, and Thailand Photography & Service trips to learn all about travel photography and get unparalleled hands-on teaching and practice.

– Nic