Welcome to 2013 blog followers!
Though 2012 was pretty amazing, we at TFT are absolutely PSYCHED for 2013 to begin, because it is full of amazing new trips, campers, counselors, and adventures! Now that 2013 has officially begun, we are in full swing of the 2013 camp fair season. The Travel for Teens Road Warriors and core staff are hitting the road coming to visit a school near you! If you would like to find out if the TFT road warriors will be in your state or at your school, check out this website. If there is no camp fair planned in your area, be sure to send us an email and request that we stop by your school! Also, remember if you’re considering TFT but want to meet one of us to put a face to the company, TFT does home visits to talk about our various trips, our company’s philosophies, and to answer your specific questions! If you’d like to request a home visit, click on this link!



Aside from the exciting road warrior season beginning, 2013 brings with it tons of exciting NEW TRIPS!! If you’ve been looking for some adventure in your life, and want to travel the world while being active, check out Hiking & Biking France, Costa Rica Surf & Service, and Croatia Sailing! If you’re a history buff and loooove delicious food, check out our Ancient Empires: Rome, Athens, & Istanbultrip where you’ll go to Istanbul, Rome, and Athens!



If you’ve wanted to do some exploring in Europe but can’t pick just one country, check out our multiple country trips like Berlin, Paris, & London, Classic United Kingdom, Munich, Prague & Berlin, and Croatia & Italy. Also for the first time this year TFT is offering our classic trip Discover Europe (where you go to Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Florence) as a trip specifically for younger kids (grade 8-9).



If you’re looking for adventure is Asia, Africa, or Central America check out our new trips Discover Japan, Discover Asia, Tanzania Serviceand Safari, Discover Southern Africa, and Costa Rica Photography!



Also, check online to see the great discounts you can get by combining trips! Check out our ‘Featured Trip Combo’ to see how the more you travel, the  more you save!



Though Travel for Teens encourages all the years of your life to be full of travel, adventure, and new, wonderful experiences, I would like to single out 2013 as a year of adventure and discovery. So bust out those maps, pick the place you’d most like to go, and sign up for the trip of your lifetime!