Name:  Trish Baker


Current home:  Malvern, Pa
TFT trips you’ve been on:  Paris (multiple sessions), Australia & New Zealand, and Australia with a school from Boston
Most Visited Countries:  France!!!  My family and I absolutely adore France, so we end up going there the most.
Favorite travel books:  I have a hard time deciding between “Lonely Planet” and “Let’s Go”.  As far as travel writing goes, I’ve read almost all of Bill Bryson’s books and enjoyed David Sedaris’s essays on living in Paris.
It’s a toss up between “In a Sunburned Country” and “A Walk in the Woods” for my favorite Bryson titles.
Job at TFT:  I work full time at the TFT HQ in Wayne.  I’m the logistics coordinator here at TFT.  I toggle between tasks such as finance, paperwork, flights and customer service.  In the summer you’ll find me at the Newark airport in Terminal B greeting new campers.  I really enjoy speaking to parents and campers and sharing the excitement of an upcoming TFT trip.
How do you prepare to visit a new place?:  My basic method for visiting a new place is to start reading online about it.  I search for blogs, podcasts, and travel guides for my ipod.  Next, I start compiling my “must see” list with the help of my favorite guidebooks.
One great aspect of working here at TFT is that we have a resource of fellow travelers to talk to.  Going to Costa Rica soon?—ask Johnny.  Want to know the most authentic restaurants in Paris?—ask Pat her favorites.  Chances are that someone on our staff has visited your next travel spot and can give you a wealth of insider tips.

What 5-10 items are always with you when you are on the road?:


Travel journal, ipod, sweater for the plane ride, a novel to read for the plane

What are your top 5 favorite places you’ve ever visited?:


Kroombit Park on the Lochenbar Cattle Station (Biloela, Qld, Australia)
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Swan Lake in Sumter, SC
North Captiva Island, off the coast of Ft. Myers, FL
Landing beaches in Normandy

What’s the strangest food you have eaten?:


Fish eyes.  When I a kid I went to a dim sum restaurant in Atlanta with my grandparents and they neglected to tell me that the chewy bits in the stew were fish eyes and head.  It actually was really tasty and a cool bragging right when I was in elementary school.
I also believed for about ten years that I’d accidentally ordered a horse meat cheeseburger while traveling with Pat in the Loire Valley.  Turns out that she was joking and I only found out last year…

Have you backpacked through Europe, and where did you go?:


I’ve backpacked through France, Spain, Ireland, and Italy.

What’s your most recent trip?:


My last trip was in November and was a road trip.  I drove through Vermont and into Montreal, then back down again through Vermont.  I’m obsessed with Vermont and Montreal now!

What’s your favorite beach and why?:


My favorite beach is any beach with my friends.  I’m not too picky when it comes to beach time!

What are your hobbies?:


I enjoy ceramics, animal rescue, and of course travel!  In the summer I hike our local trails in Southeastern, Pa.  Many weekends I go to local events in Philly or around the Main Line (Philly suburbs).  My Jack Russell Terrier keeps me busy too!

What are the top 10 (or so) places you hope to visit?:


Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Isle of Skye, Kenya, Maine, Ethiopia, Cuba, Cape Verde, Toronto, and Seattle….