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Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia


$4,595 + Airfare + $750 Intra Trip Flights


Jul 13 – Jul 29




Session 3

Finishing Grades:

9, 10, 11, 12

Who can go on this trip?

Students from around the world!


Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Ko Samet, Bangkok

Optional group flight there:

Los Angeles to Bangkok, Thailand

Optional group flight back:

Hanoi, Vietnam to Los Angeles

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South East Asia leaves a lasting impression on all who visit – Join us as we explore the best of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, from their sprawling cities to their immaculate beaches. Along the way we’ll take in the best sights and sounds that these ancient cultures have to offer as well as some well-earned beach time. Start your Southeast Asia adventure with the UNESCO World Heritage site Ha Long Bay. Cruise, swim and venture through caves in the spectacular bio-luminescent water in one of the new 7 Wonders of the World! We’ll explore Cambodia’s famous temple complex, Angkor Wat, and uncover its dark past with the Khmer Rouge. Transport yourself back in time to the Vietnam War as you wander the somber exhibits. Finally, we’ll end this trip of a lifetime in bustling Bangkok, where you’ll be enchanted by the low hum of praying Monks and feast on delicious street food, not to mention our elegant final dinner in one of the hottest restaurants in the city.

On this trip you will:

  • Uncover incredible underwater worlds as you snorkel and scuba dive in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Thailand
  • Relax on picture perfect white sand beaches on idyllic islands
  • Learn to haggle along Khao San Rd, in the legendary floating markets of Bangkok and the bustling stalls of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Channel your inner tomb raider as you adventure through the impressive temples of Angkor Wat
  • Get a glimpse into the gripping history of the Khmer Rouge as you visit Tuol Sleng Prison and the killing fields of Choeung Ek in Phnom Penh
  • Experience the bustling rivers of the Mekong Delta and witness its inhabitants’ traditional ways of life
  • Tour important sites of the Vietnam War including the War Remnants Museum, the extensive labyrinth of Cu Chi Tunnels, and the infamous Hanoi Hilton
  • Swim in the bio-luminescent water of Ha Long Bay, one of the 7 new wonders of the world
  • Treat your tastebuds to a culinary odyssey through the incredible Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisines
  • Be enthralled by a mesmerizing Water Puppet Performance, an art form dating back to the 11th Century


Your incredible adventure begins as soon as you pull away from the runway on your way to Vietnam!

DAYS 2 – 5: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay (VIETNAM)

Welcome to Southeast Asia! We’ll begin this trip of a lifetime in beautiful Hanoi, where we’ll gain more insight into the Vietnam War as we visit the notorious Hanoi Hilton, a North Vietnamese military prison that was used to house and torture American POWs, and the Military Museum that boasts an impressive plethora of vehicles and weapons used by both sides during the conflict. In the city meander through Colonial Hanoi soaking in the amazing French architecture, fill your suitcase with exotic and novel souvenirs at the markets, and witness a mesmerizing Water Puppet Performance that showcases scenes of rural Vietnamese folklore accompanied by a traditional orchestra, an art form dating back to the 11th Century. Next it’s onward to nearby Ha Long Bay, where you’ll lap up a couple of days cruising on the UNESCO World Heritage site in the South China Sea, famous for its otherworldly peaks and bio-luminescent water! In 2012 Ha Long Bay was officially named as one of the ‘7 New Wonders of the Natural World’.


Immerse yourself in the moving recent history of this beautiful country. In Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) we’ll explore the confronting nature of war as we wander the somber exhibits of the War Remnants Museum before checking out the warren-like Cu Chi Viet Cong tunnels, an infamous underground highway which allowed the Viet Cong to launch numerous devastating sneak attacks on the American GI’s around HCMC. Soak in the atmosphere of the Mekong Delta as you visit Long, Lan Qui and Phuong Island, enjoying traditional Vietnamese folk music. By night you’ll live like a local sipping delicious Vietnamese coffee and whizzing around the colonial streets on your humble cyclo.


Cross the border into Cambodia and begin at the capital city of Phnom Penh, which was once known as The Pearl of Asia, due to the beautiful French colonial architecture still on display in the city. After the devastating effects of the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975-79, the city has been recovering steadily and is now one of the most fascinating in Southeast Asia. The poignant, haunting memorials of Tuol Sleng Museum and Choeung Ek are a must for any visitor.


Our next location is Siem Reap, a short flight away and our first stop in Cambodia. Visit Angkor Wat, a 12th century Khmer temple that was swallowed by the jungle for centuries. This supremely beautiful temple complex is the largest of its kind and is a must-see for any traveler to South East Asia.


Swap the hustle and bustle for tranquility, white sand beaches, exotic coral and crystal clear waters of beautiful Ko Samet. Spend a day island hopping to some of the best beaches and swimming spots dotted around this picturesque island, snorkeling or scuba diving* among a plethora of amazing marine life. Take in beautiful sunsets over the water and enjoy delicious a Thai BBQ right on the beach.


We’ll end this amazing adventure in Bangkok, where ancient temples sit next to soaring skyscrapers and the low hum of praying Monks enchants locals and travelers alike. You’ll haggle for exotic souvenirs on Khao San Rd and at the famous floating markets, learn the path to Enlightenment in iconic temples such as Wat Arun, and finally feast on delicious street food; aromatic Thai curry and the super sweet mango sticky rice!


After an amazing three country adventure, fly out of Bangkok on your way back home.

Who can go on this trip? What kind of teen typically goes on this trip?

We have teens join this program from all over the world! They are typically culturally curious teens who are excited about making new friends, stepping out of their comfort zone, expanding their horizons, and trying something new.

Where do we stay?

Our hotels are specifically chosen to be in safe areas and well-suited to facilitating group supervision. We stay in centrally located accommodations, usually within walking distance of the main attractions. This means we do not use large, impersonal chain hotels on the outskirts of cities. We prefer to select smaller, family run hotels where we establish personal relationships with the owners.

In Bangkok we stay in a modern hotel in close proximity to the main attractions and best parts of the city. In Koh Samet we stay at a laid-back boutique resort right on the water. In Siem Reap we stay at a fantastically located hotel with a rooftop pool to wind down after a day exploring the temples of Angkor Wat. In Phnom Penh we stay at a wonderful right on the river downtown. In Ho Chi Minh we stay at a three star hotel right in the heart of the city. In Hanoi we stay at luxuriously appointed four star hotel in the Old Quarter close to all the main sights.

For safety reasons, we do not publish the names of the accommodations we use. We do not feel it is safe to publish the name of a hotel where a group of teenagers is staying abroad. After registering, participants and parents are given access to our secure parent website where you will be able to see the names of all of the accommodations for a trip.

Do most travelers go by themselves?

Yes, in fact over 75% of students who travel with us choose to come independently. This encourages teens to step further outside their comfort zone and make new friends. We believe that one of the most rewarding and exciting elements of travel is the new friendships that are formed along the way. If you travel by yourself, you are bound to make new friends from all over the country and even the world. The best part is, you can travel again with your new BFFs on another TFT trip the next summer!

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! We just ask that if you come with a friend, you and your friend(s) are still open to meeting new people and sharing this special experience with the entire group.

What do students generally like most on this program?

Students love the wide variety of adventures that they experience on this whirlwind adventure. From investigating the temples of Angkor Wat to swimming in the bioluminescent waters of Ha Long Bay and cruising to unspoilt beaches and reefs in the Gulf of Thailand, this trip leaves students with a lifetime of amazing memories!

What is unique about this program?

This program combines all the best parts of three fascinating Southeast Asian countries, giving you an insider pass to step through the history pages as you explore their poignant, often compelling pasts. The itinerary balances this perfectly with the the gems and adventures travelers love.

What is included?

Ground transportation, accommodations, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, chaperones and guides, trip related activities, trip related activity admissions, taxes and tips.

Not Included: (not intended to be an exhaustive list) Airfare, rail passes, visas & visa application fees, beverages other than tap water, activities and admissions not referenced in the itinerary or deemed not trip related such as movies, clubs and the like, expenses incurred by the participant that are outside the trip description such as damage to hotels, excess baggage fees and the like, expenses related to unforeseen circumstances such as transportation strikes, natural disasters and the like, personal and medical expenses.

How do the optional group flights work?

Upon registration, you will be contacted by our International Logistics Team to discuss this trip’s flight details. You are not required to take the group flight, although there are several advantages to doing so. The group flight is chaperoned by TFT staff, it offers an opportunity for the students to get to know each other before the trip starts, and we get preferred group flight prices on trips that have group contracts (ask for details). Parents are responsible for arranging for participants to get to the group flight airport. Travel For Teens staff are at the airport, greet arriving participants, and help them get to where the rest of the group has assembled. For more information about Flights, visit our Flights page.

Who are the counselors on the trip?

The Trip Director for every trip is a seasoned teen travel professional with extensive TFT experience. Trip Directors often live or have lived and worked in the destination country. Extensive knowledge of the language and culture of the destination is crucial. Our Senior Counselors are experienced, responsible and fun-loving individuals who our participants can share experiences with and look to for guidance and support. At Travel for Teens we pride ourselves on our rigorous staff application process and the professionalism of our full time and summer staff.

It is the job of the counselors to keep the trip fun and exciting, the learning and the laughter in good balance, and to oversee the safety of the participants. Minimum ratios are on average one staff member to every seven participants. Trips may also include one or two Junior Counselors, who are college students with a history of TFT travel, and one or more Counselors in Training (CIT’s) with limited responsibility. CIT’s are not counted in staff-participant ratios.

What are the safety qualifications for our staff?

All of our staff members attend a week long training session every May to prepare for the upcoming summer and go over safety precautions and protocols. Likewise, every counselor is CPR/First Aid certified and Trip Directors are Lifeguard certified. All staff undergo a rigorous interview process and thorough background check.

What is the average group size?

At Travel for Teens, our trips typically fall into 3 different size categories.

Small: 7-14 students where 14 is the maximum.

Medium: Average is between 14-21 students with 21 as the maximum.

Large: Trips 21-35 students. These are our largest trips.

Typically Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia falls into the small range, but trip sizes differ from year to year.

How does this program connect to other programs?

Most of our Asia programs are designed specifically so that participants can combine them with other trips in the region as well as Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. If you are connecting to another program, your counselor will escort you to the airport on the last day of the trip and help you get to your next destination where you will meet up with your new counselors and group.

What is the food like on this trip?

In a word – Delicious! At TFT, we believe food should be an integral part of the travel experience and always make an effort to eat at authentic establishments when we can. What better way to immerse yourself in the culture of a place than by sampling the local delicacies, and we encourage students to do so whenever possible! Just as we stay away from Americanized hotel chains, we try to avoid restaurants with menus that cater only to tourists because every good traveler knows the best food is found wherever the locals are eating!

Thai cuisine is bursting full of flavor, aromatic smells and vivid color, with lots of attention paid to balance, detail and variety. You’ll savor the best Pad Thai of your life and that’s just to start. Take your pick from hundreds of incredible dishes featuring mouth-watering combinations of rice, noodles, seafood, meats and fresh vegetables. What will your new favorite be?

Khmer cuisine the food of Cambodia draws upon Chinese and French influences, contrasting flavors, textures and temperatures. You’ll fall in love with the exotic variety of tastebud tantalising meals, including the traveler’s favorite Amok trey or a Cambodian BBQ cooked on the table right in front of your eyes!

Finally finish the trip with some famous Vietnamese cuisine, considered on one the healthiest in the world. Fresh flavors, aromatic herbs and distinctive flavors are what set this cuisine apart, with favorites like a steaming bowl of freshly made Pho or some succulent, crispy spring rolls.

We also love to have picnics al fresco, and do this whenever possible, which is a great way to taste some local food while sitting out in the fresh air taking in the sights and sounds of our surroundings.

As always, we are willing and able to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten allergies, and other dietary restrictions.

Do I need any vaccinations for this trip?

We recommend that you check with your family doctor regarding vaccinations and medical advice for the areas you will be visiting. For more information, please check out the World Health Organization’s website www.who.int/en/.

How much free time do we get?

Our counselors are with the group nearly always. Everyday we will break up into smaller groups to give our participants some choices and flexibility in their itinerary. We do offer some free time to do some shopping, for example, in defined areas that we are very familiar with. If participants are ever shopping by themselves within these defined areas they go in groups and for no more than an hour. On this trip, the group will have some free time to explore the cities of Siem Reap, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. When we are in more open areas, students will have time to explore established parts of Ko Samet, Angkor Wat and Ha Long Bay. Counselors will always be nearby and lifeguard certified counselors will supervise the students any time they are in the water.

What kind of Visa do you need for this trip?

Any US citizen that enters Thailand does not require a visa. Instead you will automatically receive a 30-day stay in the country. Cambodian visas can be purchased on arrival in Siem Reap. Visas for Vietnam need to be be organised before arriving in Vietnam and can be applied for by mail or in person at a Vietnamese Embassy. These rules apply to US citizens only, if you are coming from somewhere outside the US, please be sure to check your country specific visa requirements.

Do I need to speak the language?

No, our skilled staff members will help you get around and even teach you a few fun phrases!


  1. Jason


    First and foremost, I want to thank both of my trip leaders and also Travel for Teens in general for making this trip an extra special one for all of the kids. I know Jacob very well and am certain that he took in, processed, and loved every aspect of the trip. It definitely has made him appreciate what he has and has created in him a desire to serve other like he has never before expressed. While there are so many things about Travel for Teens that I love…the thing that I have noticed about this trip is the real focus on the culture of Thailand and how Thai people live. I am so grateful for all of the authentic experiences that you have provided. The fact that he, at age 16, had the chance to visit Cambodia and the rich, rich history there is amazing. These are not things that “tourists” get to experience. These are only things that youth traveling with Travel for Teens get to experience. In addition, I want you to know loud and clear that your love of a respect for Thailand and the Thai people comes through loud and clear in all of your e-mails. I can only imagine how Jacob is experiencing this with you in person. His life has been changed because of TFT. There is nothing I could ever say or do to give back to you what you have given to my son. I hope my sincere gratitude is enough. Thank you for everything. You are super stars!

  2. Jason


    The trip leader is great and sounds everyone is having a wonderful time. I’m impressed with all the new things Gonzalo is experiencing with them….I’m super happy about it. If he wants to join the diving team…. Go ahead…Thanks for everything!!!! We will keep in touch!!!

  3. Madison Stimmel


    I just came back from the Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia trip. I want to tell other families first-hand about the unforgettable time I had and about the trip in general; some highlights, ideas for next summer, and a breakdown of the counselors.

    Since this is the first summer this trip has run, being able to go on it was truly one of the best experiences I ever had. I want to thank you for letting it happen. A few highlights that I had were scuba diving in Vietnam, going to the Vietnam War museum, sleeping on the boat in Halong Bay, teaching little girls how to dance in a village in Cambodia, and seeing all the beautiful temples in Thailand. I have a few suggestions for the trip next year. Instead of doing so many days in Bangkok, maybe only spend 2 days there and go to an island like Chang Mai for the other 2 days or so. Some of us felt that we did too many temples in Bangkok and could’ve seen more of Thailand from the amount of time we were there. Cambodia was so unique. Walking through the villages made me really appreciate my family and be fortunate for what I have in life. I never thought of how people could live so poverty-stricken, yet it is normal for them. While walking through one of the villages, a group of girls who were maybe about 6 years old and younger, were following me wanting me to buy a little toy. But I didn’t have money so instead I taught them a few silly dance moves. Seeing them copy me brought tears to my eyes. I felt so grateful that those seemingly funny dance moves brought the biggest smiles to their faces. I felt as if I were blessed to have spent those 10 minutes dancing around with those sweet smiling girls. Vietnam was like no other country I have ever been to before. There was an extreme language barrier which made it kind of difficult at times walking through the night markets and local stores. Ha Tien was cool to stay in for 2 days but I don’t think it’s necessary to stay in for next summer. A couple of campers and I thought that we could’ve spent our time elsewhere in Vietnam, like maybe an extra day in Phu Quoc then have gone there. All and all, the trip was unbeilable and I will never forget it! I am going to continue to tell all my friends and family about TFT and tell them to sign up for this trip next summer!

    Tyler is a phenomenal trip director. Being that this was his first summer with TFT, I have to commend him for putting up with all of us and running this trip. He is extremely well organized, a great person to talk to, fun to be around, smart, and overall astonishing. He inspired every camper to continue to travel and especially me to go backing through the islands of Thailand and do some type of community service in Cambodia. I am very lucky to have traveled with such an amazing guy. Jessica Bari was a good trip leader. She always made sure we were safe and having fun. She always looked up extra information on whatever it was we were doing and told us fun facts, which was super cool.

    I mainly wanted to break down the trip for you, give you some tips for next summer, and tell you about how great your staff is. I want to thank you for letting me see the world in a whole new perspective. These past two summers with TFT have changed my life in more ways then I could have imagined and have made me a more open-minded, adventurous, grateful, young adult.

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